Traveling in Indian Railways is an unmatched elixir. No doubt, one who experiences it gets magnetized to it. Trains in India offer scores of delights that people who travel for leisure or business finds them a learning adventure, full of pleasure. The journey starts with the railway reservation, which is the foremost step in any type of traveling.

Gone are the days when people considered railway reservation as a nightmare. Now this job is very easy without queuing in front of the railways reservation counters. You can book your tickets easily and quickly online by logging into ‘Rail Ticket Booking’ website. This portal is designed in such a way that it allows you to check the ticket availability, PNR status of your ticket, train timings and some other things like choosing your preferred meals for a long journey.  

Indian Railways is the best preferred mode of transport by the people because of its services, low fares and expediency. Indian Railways offer a plethora of options that are suitable for each passenger. The highlight of it is the services offered at low rates. No mode of transport is as cheap as Indian rail. Moreover the IRTC portal of Indian rail system allows the passengers to book tickets and collects information about the trains quickly.

The Railway Reservation System

The railway reservation details can be obtained from railways enquiry, which provide high class services to the passengers. The enquiry issues railway reservation enquiry number through which the passenger can collect information about reservations. The online seat reservation is very simple and easily accessible that it allows you to the check details of the ticket availability, train availability, PNR status, and so on.

You can reserve your tickets both online and directly. For direct booking, all you need is to fill in the reservation form and submit it to the any of the reservation counters of Indian Railways. You will get your tickets booked on the payment of tickets. Filling the form requires all the basic information, including the train number and date of travel mentioned correctly. For online booking, log on to the IRTC website and sign up for a new registration. Next, log into the site using the ID and enter your destination points in the “Plan my travel” box. Furnish the names of origin and destination cities.

Now choose the class which you want to travel. Then click on the “find trains” button. You can choose the best suitable train for your journey. It will give you a list of trains for your specified destination, which includes the train type, train number, timings and destinations. Then select the train you want to travel and the click on the “Book” to reserve ticket. Check for the correctness of the information and then click on the “Make payment” tab and select the payment method. This will give you the confirmation page confirming your booking. Take a hard copy of the ticket and keep it with you throughout your journey.

Railway reservation through IRCTC offers a lot of convenience that anyone can book a train ticket at anytime and any place.

 Railway reservation has become even more convenient and comfortable for you can do it online as well. Indian Railways PNR status can be used to ascertain the status of your rail ticket before commencing your rail journey
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i will rather go for car hire than train. train booking is very hectic task

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